It is through cooperation that we create more effective solutions to complex challenges.

For almost a decade we are developing excellent IT solutions in the field of cultural heritage, complemented with various projects for domestic and foreign clients. Successful local and international partnerships have been crucial for expanding our horizons, knowledge and experience, while also representing recognition of our work.


Europeana Inside

European project

In 2012 the Europeana Inside project started with the vision that cultural institutions should be able to easily provide content to Europeana. Along with the goal of lowering barriers to content sharing, the Europeana Content Kit (ECK) has been created. The ECK is a piece of software and documentation toolkit that has been integrated into existing commercial and open source Collections Management Systems as well as into aggregators. Moreover, its components can be integrated into other systems.

Europeana Creative

European project

Europeana Creative was a European project which enabled and promoted greater re-use of cultural heritage resources by creative industries. In cooperation with the Natural History Museum from Prague Semantika developed Memory Match - an educational game combining the classic memory game of finding pairs with a quiz game testing player’s knowledge of natural history. We also developed Europeana Labs - a portal offering inspiration, content and support to anyone looking to re-use Europeana content.

Europeana Food and Drink

European project

Europeana Food and Drink seeks creative solutions and sustainable models for commercial re-use of digital cultural content around the theme of ‚food and drink‘. A suite of products developed by the project partners will showcase the commercial potential of cultural heritage collections and make the case for their digitization. As part of the project, Semantika developed the Tea Trail London:, a web app exploring the heritage of tea in London through three unique trails.


International partnership

The International Council of Museums has organized International Museum Day (IMD) since 1977. Starting with IMD 2015 Semantika and ICOM have partnered to provide museums with an easy-to-use platform for museum promotion. Museums who join the community can use our user-friendly CMS to keep their information up-to-date. This includes visitor information, exhibitions, events, educational activities, articles, and even collections. Tagged activities are also displayed on the special IMD map.

Collections Trust

International partnership

We have partnered with Collections Trust, the professional association for collections management. Since 1977, this UK-based charity works with museums, libraries, galleries and archives worldwide to improve the management and use of their collections. The long-term partnership started of with establishing Museums.UK.

Europeana Members Council

International collaboration

Sašo Zagoranski has been elected one the representatives of Europeana Members Council - a crucial body, overseeing the activities of Europeana, the European Digital Library.

Slovenian Museum Association


With the aim of standardization and promotion of cultural heritage in Slovenia, we are collaborating with the Slovenian Museums Association - the umbrella organization of Slovenian museums and galleries.

EU Web Award


On November 19th 2014, the finals of the .EU Web Awards were held in Brussels, Belgium. At the gala event, hosted by EURid at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, the top EU websites were announced. Museums.EU won in the Rising Stars category! Viviane Reding, the former Vice-President of the European Commission and the Member of the European Parliament announced the award. The evening ended with a great life performance by Kim Wilde.