Mobile applications for smartphones and tablet computers.

Thanks to their portability and high performance, mobile devices have become much more than just a phone or a browser, and the use of mobile apps is steadily increasing. Our mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone and J2ME are distinguished by professional design and excellent execution.


Banka IN mobile banking

Banka Koper

Banka IN mobile bank applications for Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, J2ME and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets. Features: full mobile banking app, standards compliant security and authentication, Java based web-server backend.

Daily Colorbook


Play and learn while you and your kids draw or color various motives in our beautifully designed application. With broad content ranging from classic coloring pages to easy learning exercises and dot puzzles, Daily Colorbook is a fun and educational coloring application for all ages. The bright and intuitive interface is appealing and easy to pick up. Use your fingers or a pen, save your artworks to the gallery and share your art with others. Kid-tested and parent-approved!

Daily Puzzle


Daily Puzzle is a Windows 8 version of a classic jigsaw puzzle board game with a modern twist! Specially designed for kids and their parents, but challenging enough for everyone. It’s a great educational app, helping young learners to develop logical skills and improve concentration. Enjoy beautiful motives in four different game modes and several difficulty levels. With sounds and background music that can be turned off, and a preview button to ease the challenge.

Daily Memory


Daily Memory is a fun and exciting mind game for all ages! Choose among four different game modes and various themes to play by yourself, with your friends or family. Enjoy beautiful high quality graphics, bright background music and smooth animations. Develop your memory skills daily with Daily Memory! The game is fun and easy for kids, but challenging enough for adults. It's fun for the whole family!


Microsoft, Slovenian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Windows 8 application supporting the work of traffic police. Connected with backend databases to support data queries and the issue of payment orders.

Interactive oven


Multi-touch Microsoft PixelSense application for remote oven management. Recipe browser, cooking tips and remote oven settings change. Features: Microsoft PixelSense, interactive .NET WPF app, image recognition and remote oven control.

Grape Picker

Murska Sobota Regional Museum

Inovative and fun Kinect enabled game. Two connected mini-games: collecting grapes with your hands and pressing grapes with your feet. Beautiful original illustrations.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Inovative redesign of the green pages of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia website. Silverlight application for the web browser and WPF/Kinect application.

Interactive info points

Gen Energija

Kinect-enabled interactive info screens. Features: Kinect interaction, data directly from power plant backend systems, Exchange & SharePoint integration.

NT conference


Microsoft NT conference, the biggest Slovenian technological conference has, through the years, grown to be one of the most successful and important IT and business events in our country. For three consecutive years, Semantika has provided the conference with various applications, informing attendees about the conference, the schedule, lectures and lecturers, filling in the questionnaires and creating their own personal conference schedule with favorite lectures.

Adria Airways EFB

Adria Airways

Windows 8 application for pilots, providing access to various apps, maps, documents, forms. Also enables pilots to put the tablet into flight and/or night mode.

Terra Cotta Warriors

Bowers Museum

Considered one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century, the tomb complex of China's First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, features thousands of terra cotta warriors that were intended to protect him throughout eternity. Our interactive Kinect application enabled museum visitors to navigate the historical site, zoom in to get the detailed view and access additional information.