Software for museums, galleries and other cultural heritage institutions.

Semantika is one of the leading providers of museum documentation and collections management software in Central Europe. Our Galis/Museums platform is a unique content management solution, combining a powerful collections management system with a web and mobile publishing platform, enabling automatic data backup and easy publishing of data to the web and in mobile applications. Our customers enjoy a range of benefits, including regular updates and excellent user support.





A comprehensive and cost effective solution for museums of all kinds and sizes – support and maintenance included. Interconnected modules and seamless connection to web and mobile apps, regular updates, excellent user support and integrated backup services are only some of the reasons, why Galis is already trusted in over 60 institutions in three countries. Monthly licensing for more flexibility and data transfer from existing databases – with unlimited guarantee.



Museums is a web platform for easy publishing and distribution of information across various platforms and devices. This enables museums to save time and money, improve their web and mobile presence, attract new visitors and monetize their digital content. Our motto is “Click once, publish everywhere”: once information is stored, the content is instantly visible on the web and in mobile applications on all platforms. Data can be published through Galis or Museums online editor.

Collections Widget


Present collections, published through the Museums platform, on your own museum website, search and filters included. Our Collections Widget requires only a few lines of code – no website redesign needed. Fonts and colors are customizable to suit your visual identity. With multi-language support.

Galis Backup


Your data is your greatest asset. That’s why we have developed GalisBackup, an online service offering automatic and systematic backups of Galis database and multimedia files, their safe storage in Microsoft data centers and easy data recovery. Your data will be backed up automatically twice a week at a prearranged time and stored safely on the remote Microsoft servers.



Your new museum website can be built on the Galis/Museums platform, saving you time and money while reusing data, already stored in the system. Data is easily managed through Galis and our Museums online editor. The solution includes your own design on your own domain, with direct integration of data from Galis/Museums: collections, exhibitions, events, educational programs, articles, and more. Complete with hosting, maintenance and user support.

Mobile applications


With more and more people using mobile devices as their primary source of information, Museums of the World is also available as a suite of free mobile applications for smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) and tablet computers (iPad, Windows 8). See more: What’s more, our platform enables us to easily build mobile applications for your museum – including audio guides, beacon support, even a mobile museum store.